HUD Expands Eviction Protection and Diversion Program With Additional $20 Million

On May 09, 2022, HUD announced $20 million in new grants for its Eviction Protection Grant Program, doubling the amount originally allocated for the launch of the Program in November 2021. HUD has offered grants to 11 organizations, in addition to the 10 organizations selected in November, to help non-profits and governmental entities provide legal assistance to low-income tenants at risk of or subject to eviction. Legal services are integral in helping individuals and families, especially people of color who are disproportionately represented among those evicted, people with limited English proficiency and people with disabilities, avoid eviction or minimize the disruption and damage caused by the eviction process.

To learn more please read the entire press release. Visit HUD’s Pressroom for the latest HUD news and information.

New Housing Counseling Succession Planning Guide

A succession plan can be a critical tool in supporting the long-term sustainability of agencies in the event of leadership or other staffing changes that impact an agency’s ability to operate effectively and efficiently. Succession planning should take place proactively. This Instructional Guide and Template includes resources, samples and templates to use as a starting point for succession planning.

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